Samsung: how to disable the Bixby button on your cell phone

samsung took advantage of the first quarter of the year to launch a series of cell phones, between mid-range and high-end. Each of them brings a new processor, as well as a series of cameras, design, and even a battery. But there is one aspect that many users do not like.

It is the on and off button that, if you press it, tends to be enabled bixby. So that this never happens again, there is a detail that you must do in your mobile phonein case you have a Samsung on hand.

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Remember that you do not have to do more than the steps. You don’t even have to download a third-party program to set up your mobile device, as they tend to steal your personal information for the most part.

How to deactivate Bixby on your Samsung cell phone

  • The first thing you should do is turn on your Samsung cell phone
  • Once that is done, we go to Phone Settings.
  • There we must go to Advanced functions
  • In this section you will see the word “Side key”.
  • And at that point you can simply choose whether to keep Bixby on or switch it to the on/off button.
  • Bet on the second and that’s it.
  • You can now have Bixby disabled.
  • There you can also modify the on and off button to perform other functions.
  • For example, you can open the camera or some other application.

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