No more spam calls on iPhone! Follow these steps to avoid unwanted calls

Tired of unwanted calls? No problem! Manzana has implemented various features in its iPhone devices to block and prevent such annoying calls. Sometimes they are sales calls, while on other occasions they are credit offers from banks.

However, we recommend making purchases from a verified web page that has all the security layers. In case you want to make agreements with a bank, it will also be advisable to go to the nearest agency and ask if they make phone calls. In this way, you will avoid scams over the phone.

Tips to avoid spam calls on iPhone

Activate the mode “Mute unknown calls”

The “Mute Unknown Callers” feature is Apple’s secret weapon at your disposal to prevent spam calls on your iPhone. When activated, all incoming calls from unknown numbers will be automatically silenced and sent to voicemail. How to do it? Go to “Settings”, then “Phone” and activate “Mute unknown calls”.

Block those annoying numbers

If a specific number is bothering you with spam calls, grab it by the horns and block the contact! Go to the “Phone” app, tap on “Recents” and select the information icon (i) next to the number you want to block. Scroll down and tap “Block This Contact” to cut them off once and for all.

Use anti-spam applications: third-party apps

There are third-party applications that are responsible for identifying and blocking spam calls. These apps have up-to-date databases of numbers associated with spam activity. Some of the most popular are Truecaller, Hiya, and Nomorobo. Download them from the App Store and follow the instructions to set them up on your iPhone.

Create your own list of safe contacts

Another tactic to avoid spam calls is to whitelist contacts and only allow calls from numbers you have authorized. To do this, use the “Do not disturb” feature in combination with the “Allow calls from” option. Activate “Do not disturb” in “Settings” and select “Allow calls from” followed by “All contacts” to only receive calls from your friends and acquaintances.

Report cases of scams

When you receive spam calls, report them! This way you help the authorities to combat this practice. You can report spam calls to your phone operator by dialing a specific code or by contacting customer service. You can also do it through third-party apps like Truecaller and Hiya.

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