LG OLED evo (2023) is launched in Peru: characteristics of the new televisions

They did not wait long and they are here: it is the new line of televisions from LG that launch in Peru: the LG OLED evo. These new devices, which come in 3 different versions, provide self-illuminating pixel technology.

Among the serial numbers we find the LG OLED G3, C3 and B3 available from 48″ to 83″, in addition to having a new α9 and α 7AI Gen6 processor, offering greater brightness and color accuracy, as well as clarity and details.

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This processor uses artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted deep learning technology to ensure picture and sound quality. In addition, Image AI Pro features HDR Expression Enhancer, a technology that detects and refines important objects on the screen, such as people’s faces.

Another improvement of the series OLED evo G3 is Max Brightness Enhancer technology that incorporates light control and algorithms to increase brightness by up to 70%. Likewise, these models present a One Wall Design design, which makes them easy to transport and install since they have been developed with a fiber composite material.

The latest version of webOS features a redesigned user interface (UI) with a host of customization options. Grouped into categories such as home office, games, music and sports, “speed cards” offer users a quick and easy way to access the content and services they use most.

The 2023 range integrates with the latest LG sound bars, providing IMAX quality multi-channel surround sound Enhanced Sound powered by DTS:X and Dolby Atmos.. In addition, both teams combine to offer Boom Orchestra3, which uses all audio channels from both products to create a more powerful sound.

On the other hand, the 2023 models support various features enabled by HDMI 2.1a, the most recent update to the HDMI specification. These are the first TVs certified by the HDMI organization for the recently announced Quick Media Switching Variable Refresh Rate (QMS-VRR), capable of eliminating the momentary “black screen” that sometimes occurs when switching between content4.

OLED TVs feature a 1-millisecond response time and up to four 48Gbps-bandwidth HDMI 2.1 ports. They are also equipped with the Game Optimizer and Game Dashboard, which allows users to quickly select and change presets and various specific features, such as G-SYNC Compatible, FreeSync Premium, and more.

In addition to the new OLED range, LG has announced the launch of new QNED models. These high-end LCD TVs use Quantum Dot NanoCell Color technology to produce extremely realistic and accurate colours. QNED televisions that reproduce a million gray scales are models capable of offering contrast and black levels that are close to those of OLED, being 64 times better than their predecessors.

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