Learn about the 63 applications with viruses that you should remove from your Android phone

It happened again. This is not the first time that computer criminals circumvent the security filters of the Google Play Store, the application store for mobile devices with operating systems AndroidWell, on this occasion, the aforementioned technology company revealed that they eliminated up to 63 applications infected with a dangerous “malware” virus, which is responsible for stealing the personal and banking information that you store on your smartphone.

According to the information disseminated by the portal specialized in technology, andro4llit was known that McAfee published a study where they detected that 63 apps from the Play Store were infected by the lethal virus called “Goldoson”.

Although Google removed them from its app store, that does not mean that the problem is already solved, in fact, to date, the programs have registered millions of downloads around the world. It is undoubtedly an inconvenience that alarmed users, since deleting them from the Play Store only solves 50% of the problem.

List of applications with viruses that you must uninstall from your Android phone

  • L.POINT with L.PAY
  • Swipe Brick Breaker
  • Money Manager Expense & Budget
  • TMAP
  • Lotte Cinema
  • Genie Music
  • Cultureland version
  • GOM Player
  • Megabox
  • LIVE Score Real-Time score
  • pikicast
  • Compass 9: Smart Compass
  • GOM Audio – Music, Sync lyrics
  • TV – All About Video
  • guninday
  • item mania
  • LOTTE WORLD Magic Pass
  • Bounce Brick Breaker
  • Infinite Slice Infinite Slice
  • norae bang
  • SomNote – Beautiful note app
  • Korea Subway Info: Metroid
  • GoodTVBible
  • Happy Mobile Happy Screen
  • UBhind: Mobile Tracker Manager
  • Mafu Driving Free
  • Girl singer WorldCup
  • FSP Mobile
  • Audio Recorder
  • catmera
  • Cultureland Plus
  • Simple Air
  • Lotteworld Seoul Sky
  • Snake Ball Lover
  • Play Geto
  • Memory Memo
  • PB Stream
  • Money Manager (Remove Ads)
  • Inssaticon – Cute Emoticons
  • ECloud
  • SCinema
  • ticket office
  • Lotteworld Aquarium
  • Lotte World Water Park
  • T map for KT, LGU
  • Random number
  • AOG Loader
  • GOM Audio Plus – Music, Sync
  • Swipe Brick Breaker
  • Safe Home
  • Chuncheon
  • fantaholic
  • cinecube
  • T.N.T.
  • Bestcare Health
  • InfinitySolitaire
  • New Safe
  • cash note
  • TDI News
  • eyeing
  • TingSearch
  • Krieshachu Fantastic
  • yeonhagoogokka

Reasons why the iPhone is more expensive than an Android cell phone

  • Processor: All the recognized brands that manufacture cell phones, among these: Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, etc., have the Android operating system, but most incorporate third-party processors such as: Snapdragon, Exynos, Google Tensor, etc. On the other hand, iOS develops processors specifically created for its models, we are talking about the Apple Bionic and its different versions.
  • updates: Android releases an update per year, this when it presents the new version of its operating system, but it also publishes emergency updates when it detects security flaws that can be exploited by cybercriminals; instead, Apple frequently updates itself to optimize its performance, security, and privacy of the data stored on the iPhone.
  • cameras: finally, everyone will agree that the cameras of the iPhonese are superior to those of many models with Android, the difference is abysmal. This way you can take better pictures and record videos with high resolution.

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