iPhone: what does the green bubble mean and when does it appear?

if you have a iphone, it is likely that you have noticed several strange symbols that appear in the status bar of your mobile every time you perform an action. This is because Apple includes a series of indicators on its devices so that you know what is happening on your smartphone, such as when you activate your WiFi or airplane mode.

In this sense, you may not yet be aware of some symbols that appear on your iPhone, such as the green bubble, which is sometimes displayed in the smartphone’s status bar and which may raise several questions about its meaning. and in which cases it comes out.

From now on we anticipate that the green iphone bubble It doesn’t mean anything bad, according to Apple’s main website. In sport We share with you its true meaning in detail and why it appears to you only at certain moments.

What does the green bubble on the iPhone mean?

You are probably wondering about the green bubble that sometimes appears behind the time in the iPhone status bar. This indicator is one of the many that appear on Apple mobile phones to explain an action that is taking place in the system.

In this case, it is because you are talking or your iPhone is granting a personal hotspot; that is, it allows you to share mobile data to another device, as long as you do not have access to a WiFi network.

In this way, every time you share your data with friends, partner or another person, you will immediately see this green indicator at the top of the screen of your iPhone, so you should not be alarmed.

This means the orange dot on your iPhone

If you have seen an orange dot located in the upper area of ​​your iPhone, surely you have many doubts about its meaning. Here we mention what it is about.

  • iPhones have different indicators to inform you about an event in the system, such as the orange dot that means that an application is using the microphone of your device.
  • Through this signal, you will be able to know if the application you are using is listening to your conversations, so you can take measures regarding your privacy.
  • Also, if you saw a green dot on your iPhone, it means that an app or tool is using your camera or it could be a combination of camera and microphone.
  • With these flags, Apple helps you know if the app you’re using is exceeding the permissions you gave it when you downloaded it, so you can take appropriate action.
  • Keep in mind that apps should only access your camera and microphone when you really need them to perform an action. For example, record an audio, make a call, among others.

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