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The iOS update in the iphone it is essential to ensure security, improve performance and access the latest system features and functionality. Keeping your device on the latest version allows you to protect your privacy and keep your information safe and free from cyberattacks.

Thus, with the arrival of iOS 17, it is now possible to perform new actions on smartphones in a much more comfortable way. However, these changes may not appeal to everyone, as old features have been removed.

As is known, Apple continually implements tools that are more practical and organized, which is why elements that are no longer considered so comfortable for users are removed. Here we share what these changes are that they shared from the specialized YouTube account, TuAppleMundo.

Features on iPhone that no longer appear with iOS 17

See what elements no longer appear after updating to the new version of iOS on your cell phone.

  • The iOS 16 wallpapers were removed with the arrival of iOS 17. If you enter the “Collections” section in “New wallpaper” on your iPhone, you will notice that the images prior to this new version no longer appear.
  • If you go to “Settings” and enter “Safari”, you will notice that there are some premises that no longer exist, such as “Check Apple Play”, “Advertising analysis that protects privacy” and more. However, you can find these elements in the “Advanced” section, located at the bottom of the screen.
  • The main “Shortcuts” screen in “Automation” no longer appears as it was known before, as a new, more practical interface can be displayed. However, you will be able to return to other settings in “Personal Automations”.
  • In the case of iMessage, the bar for quick access items like the camera and other apps has been removed. Now, you will have to click on the “+” icon to access this content.

For now, these are the most notable changes in iOS 17; However, apps like “Time”, QR codes, screenshots or video playback have also undergone modifications.

So you can use Maps without internet on your iPhone

Here’s how you can use Maps on your iPhone without internet or signal.

  • The first step is to install the iOS 17 version on your iPhone.
  • Once this is done, access the Maps app.
  • Right away, tap on your profile photo.
  • Among the options, select “Offline Maps”.
  • Click “Download new map”, followed by the name of the place.
  • Here you must place the name exactly to prevent errors.
  • After this, click on the “Download” option.
  • Now, all you have to do is wait for this map to be installed on your mobile.
  • Finally, every time you have no signal on your iPhone, you can open Maps and the maps you already downloaded will appear.
  • You just have to choose the one you need and that’s it.

Remember to perform this trick in advance in order to have the map ready in case you go to a place without coverage.

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