iPhone 15 would put Siri in the dynamic Island

It seems that Manzana he fails to keep secret the news of his mobiles. Every year, details about your mobile devices are leaked, and the iPhone 15, the flagship of the company, is no exception. One notable change that has been leaked is the relocation of Siri, your virtual assistant.

If you use Siri regularly, you’ll know that a balloon appears floating at the bottom of the screen to indicate that it is listening to you or picking up on your commands. However, with the arrival of the new iPhone and the iOS 17 operating system, the position of the assistant would change.

It would be moved to the upper dock or dynamic island. At the moment, there are already several applications that use the dock to inform the user about some changes, such as the playback of songs or the activation of alarms. By placing Siri there, it wouldn’t disturb the eyes and could continue working against apps in the background.

Dynamic Island will do much more; The marketing department pushed the development team to add more to Dynamic Island, which is likely to boost sales of the standard iPhone 15 launch”, details .

It would be the same Apple directive that has pressured the marketing team for the dynamic island to do many more things or work with other applications. It is expected that for the launch of iOS 17, this section will correct many errors, bugs, and extend its support to other previous mobile devices of the same brand.

Other iPhone 15 leaks

9to5Mac posted having obtained a CAD model of the iPhone 15 Pro design from a “reliable case manufacturer.” The American company sends these files to Asian manufacturers so that they have their products ready before the launch of the iphone.

The renderings of 9to5Macmade by Ian Zelbo, anticipate that the iPhone 15 Pro it will come with a USB-C port instead of Lightning, as well as a larger rear module (same number of cameras: three + a LiDAR scanner, but more protruding compared to the iPhone 14 Pro) and volume buttons and the mute switch on the side of the phone.

In general, the design of the iPhone 15 Pro It is more rounded and a few millimeters smaller, but keeping the 6.1-inch panel. Another detail is that the screen will be 2.5D and will merge with the curvature of the bezels for greater ergonomics.

It is expected that iPhone 15 are presented at an Apple event during the first weeks of September 2023, to be released a week or two later.

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