Instagram: these are the new tools that arrive on Android and iOS

One of the most popular social networks today is instagram, since many users can follow their favorite content creators and thus know their day to day. That is why the app has just included new functions that can be used on both iOS and Android devices.

Now, with the reception that Instagram is having, the app has added 4 new functions to improve the visualization of the Reels and other elements available in the tool, so you surely want to know what they are about and how they can be used.

For this reason, since SPORTS We share with you in detail these recent features that you can already use in your Instagram account and get more benefits if you are a content creator or are starting in this new facet. Pay attention to the details.

News in Instagram Reels

Instagram has launched a series of updates designed mainly for content creators, we explain what they are:

  • Now users will be able to see which songs and hashtags are used most frequently and which are trending in Instagram Reels, in this way, they can more easily viralize their content.
  • In the case of editing the Reels, Instagram has incorporated elements such as video, audio, text, and stickers on a single screen, in order to make this work easier for users. Also, the app reported that many related tools will arrive soon.
  • Likewise, two new functions related to the interaction of the Reels were added: the total viewing time and the average viewing time. Both tools will allow content creators which videos are best for them and when they are most popular.
  • As for the option to give gifts on Instagram, it will expand to more countries, specifically in New Zealand, Canada, France, Australia, the United Kingdom and Mexico. Also, followers will be able to see if the content creator has seen their gift.

For now, these are the new functions that Instagram has implemented and that can already be used after updating the app in the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone).

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