How your friend can block your WhatsApp account in a minute

WhatsApp It is not only one of the applications that many use to be able to chat with all your friends, but through it you can also send any type of audio message, documents with a large weight of 2 GB and even usually publish statuses.

However, some people often use whatsapp plus to be able to download the states of your friends, your profile picture or the images that you only see once. It even has the option to change the color of the platform and even hide the “typing” in a quick and easy way.

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But there is a detail, in case you use WhatsApp normally, which can sanction your account in less than a second. What is the cause of that? Well, here we tell you the real reasons.

So they can block your WhatsApp account in 1 second

  • First of all, your friend has to use WhatsApp Plus and in order for them to ban you, they may have enabled the option to see the messages that you delete.
  • Therefore, if they have the function activated, they will always see those texts that you have decided to delete, so privacy is broken.
  • Also, your conversations are not encrypted, so any third party can see your chats.
  • But you can also be penalized.
  • If your friend sends you something using the exclusive features of WhatsApp Plus, your WhatsApp may become complicit.
  • As a consequence, your WhatsApp will have a temporary or permanent suspension.
  • The best thing will be that you block that person or simply recommend that they return to using WhatsApp.
  • One of the things that usually generates this is the famous bomb messages.

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