How to transfer data from your Android or iOS cell phone to a new one

Transferring files from one cell phone to another is useful for several reasons. It may be necessary when changing phone and you need to transfer contacts, photos, videos, music and other important files to the new device. You can also go through the process to record a backup of your important phone data to another device to prevent data loss in case the phone is lost or damaged.

For these reasons, the phone maker vivo has created EasySharean app with which both contact data, applications and multimedia files can be easily transferred to a new smartphone.

How to use EastShare

  • download and open EasyShareboth on the old phone Android either iOS, as in the new one, and click Clone phone. This function allows the transfer of all the information from your old phone to the new one.
  • Click Old Phone on your old phone, and then click New Phone on your new device.
  • The old phone will generate a QR code. Now, use the camera of your new phone to scan it and wait for the connection between both devices to be established, this may take a few minutes.
  • On the old phone, select the data you want to transfer to the new one and click Start Phone Clone, then the data will start sharing to the new device. Then click Start using your new phone once the shipment is complete.

Through EasyShare, you can also share files between any smartphone. To do this, you must open the application and click Send on one phone Receive on the other computer. Once the device appears “Sender“on device”Addressee”, click it to connect. Then you need to select the files to be transferred on the receiving device and click the Send button at the bottom.

Again it will generate a QR code, which you must scan with the device that will receive the information. Once the connection is established, select the files you want to transfer and click Send.

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