How to take photos against the light with your Android without losing patience

You don’t have to be a professional to get the most out of your smartphone’s camera Android. One of the biggest problems with the sensor is when you are backlit, so we share some tips that you should take advantage of in your daily images.

A backlit photo is one in which the light source is behind the subject or object being photographed, meaning the light hits the camera lens directly from behind the subject. This can cause the subject to appear dark or the light to be saturated in the photo.

Do not think that all is lost, because there are several tips that you should take advantage of so that each image captured with your smartphone Android it is impeccable.

ANDROID | Tips for taking backlit photos with a cell phone

  • Use HDR mode: HDR mode can help balance image exposure, especially in backlit situations.
  • Use the touch screen to adjust the exposure: On some phones, you can adjust the exposure by touching and swiping the screen before taking the photo. This way, you can increase the exposure to brighten the darker areas of the photo.
  • Use fill light: Some phones have a flash or fill light feature that can help brighten darker areas of the photo. Make sure not to use too much flash though, as this can lead to an overexposed image.
  • Use an object as a shield: You can use objects, such as umbrellas or hats, to block the sun and create shadows in the photo. This can help create an artistic effect on the image.
  • Change the position of the sun: If possible, try to move to a position where the sun is not directly behind your subject. This can make the photo easier to take and will give better exposure.
  • Edit the image: On most phones there are image-editing applications that can help you correct the exposure and contrast of the image. You can adjust the image after taking the photo to achieve the desired effect.

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