How to sell everything you want through WhatsApp like a professional

Who is not available in WhatsApp? The instant messaging service is used by millions of people around the world, which makes it an effective platform for doing business and earning money by selling your business items.

The benefits of using WhatsApp to sell is the possibility of communicating effectively through text, images and videos, as well as answering any questions about the product in an almost immediate and personalized way. The key, in the short and medium term, is to use the app to build close and personal relationships with customers.

What are the tools to sell on WhatsApp

So, let’s see what are the tools available in WhatsApp that will serve you to sell like a professional. We will also address how the quality of your communication should be for better results.

One of these tools is the possibility of convert a personal whatsapp account to a business account. This allows you to add business information such as your name, description, address, website, and hours of operation so customers can easily identify your business.

Another useful tool is tag conversations with customers to categorize them and have a better follow-up. You can create your own custom tags to organize conversations based on your needs and priorities.

WhatsApp also allows you to create and save quick responses for frequently asked questions or repetitive messages. This can help save time and improve efficiency in communicating with customers.

In addition, the application offers the possibility of create a catalog of products or services within the application and easily share it with your customers. This can make the sales process easier, since customers can see the products and services that the company offers in one place.

Another tool is set up automated welcome, temporary absence or thank you messages for the purchase. This can help improve the customer experience and make them feel valued and cared for.

For larger companies, WhatsApp offers a business API that allows the application to be integrated with CRM and marketing automation systems. This can help to more efficiently manage customer conversations and improve the effectiveness of marketing and sales strategies.

How should I communicate to sell on WhatsApp

  • Be nice and courteous: Greet your customers appropriately and use a friendly tone of voice. Try to always be polite and professional.
  • Respond quickly: Customers expect a quick response, so try to respond as soon as possible to avoid losing interest in your product.
  • Use images: Images can show customers what the product you are selling is like and get their attention. Take good quality photos and submit them along with the product description.
  • Be clear in your product description: Clearly describe the product you are selling, including its features, benefits, and price. Let the customer know exactly what they are buying.
  • Use the appropriate language: Use appropriate and professional language, without grammatical or spelling errors. Try to be as clear and concise as possible.
  • Offer good after-sales service: After the customer has purchased the product, make sure you offer good after-sales service. Ask them if they are happy with the purchase and if they have any problems or questions.
  • Do not pressure the customer: Do not pressure the customer to buy your product. Provide clear and detailed information about the product, but let the customer make their own decision.
  • Be honest: Be honest with your customers at all times. Do not hide information or try to deceive them in any way.

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