How to save space on WhatsApp without deleting photos or videos

WhatsApp It is one of the most popular messaging applications today, therefore, it has many interesting features to improve the user experience. Some of them are messages, voice notes, videos and more; however, in the long term these elements can accumulate unnecessary space on the mobile if it is not of interest to the person.

This situation becomes worse if the user is in a WhatsApp group and, depending on the number of members, may receive a large number of photos, videos, and audios that are automatically saved on the mobile, without having to been reproduced.

Faced with the problem, WhatsApp has a quite feasible option to stop these downloads in automatic mode, in this way, you can control what elements to save or not on the smartphone. For more details, from SPORTS we share a guide for iPhone.

So you can save space on WhatsApp

There are many ways that allow you to prevent WhatsApp from consuming a lot of space on your mobile, without having to delete elements within the app. It is about deactivating the automatic download function, here we explain how to do it from iPhone.

  • What you should first do is open WhatsApp.
  • Then, enter the “Settings” section.
  • Within this section, choose “Data usage”.
  • Now, select the option “Auto-download Multimedia”.
  • Here, you will see three options: videos, photos, and audio.
  • Uncheck all the boxes if you want to save more space.
  • However, you can also disable some.
  • Finally, go back to the main interface and you are done.

From this moment on, every time you want to see the images, videos or listen to the audio that is sent to you in group or individual WhatsApp chats, you must download them manually, so it will be much more selective.

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