How to read WhatsApp chats without being seen or installing third-party apps

There are those who want to be and “not be” at the same time on social networks. WhatsApp is one of those applications where being online can be uncomfortable, so the community resorts to a simple trick to read messages without being seen by other contacts. Don’t worry, you won’t have to download anything else to your phone.

If you want to keep your privacy and read messages without being seen, you can make use of the “airplane mode” function. Didn’t you see it coming?

What you should do is activate the airplane mode on the mobile. Then open the app WhatsApp and read the message you want without a read receipt being sent to the sender. Once you have read the message, close the app WhatsApp and disable airplane mode on your phone. Please note that this technique only works for reading messages that have already been downloaded to your device and not for new messages that are sent while airplane mode is on.

When you feel ready to engage with your contacts again, simply turn off airplane mode and come out of hiding to take over your conversations once more.

What does airplane mode do?

Airplane mode is a feature on mobile phones that disables all wireless connections on the device, including connection to the cellular network, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. When airplane mode is activated, the phone cannot send or receive calls, text messages, emails, or connect to the Internet.

It is also true that the airplane mode can be useful to save battery in situations where the use of the wireless connection is not required, such as when you are in an area with no signal.

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