How to prevent your boss from adding you to WhatsApp groups

What should you do when you want to send a message to several contacts at the same time? simple, create a group of WhatsApp and start distributing that information, however, they can also add you to these types of conversations, which are detrimental to the storage space of your mobile device.

Your WhatsApp number is for personal usemeans that if they want to add you to a new group conversation from your work, where they only share company information, they would first have to provide you with the necessary equipment such as a cell phone and SIM card, although joining it is also at the discretion of each one.

Much of your contacts prefer not to belong to work groups, why? Suppose you are added to a chat with 500 participants, if half send videos, images or documents daily, you would be receiving 250 elements per day, something that would directly affect the storage of your smartphone.

The guide so that your boss does not add you to WhatsApp groups

  • First, check that WhatsApp do not have pending updates.
  • Now, open the app and click on the icon of the three points that are located in the upper right corner.
  • Several options will be displayed, touch the one that says “Settings”.
  • The next step is to click on the “Privacy” section.
  • Scroll down and click on the section called “Groups”.
  • Choose “My contacts except…” and select your boss, it must have a red check.
  • Finally, press the green tick symbol to keep the changes.

Why you shouldn’t archive your WhatsApp conversations

  • Many times people think that archiving a conversation will be the best way to hide some chats.
  • However, there are several factors for those writings not to be archived.
  • The first of these is that if you have used a group or individual chat to be able to share documentation, that conversation will weigh more than normal.
  • To do this, we recommend that you move those files elsewhere and delete the conversation or schedule it for automatic deletion.
  • Another is that those chats may air something secret soon.
  • It may also be that these conversations are several and you forget about their existence.
  • It’s always best to delete all those conversations from people you spoke to just once.
  • Remember that the more chats you have archived, they can be too large, up to 2 GB. Free up that space.

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