How to know if your Android phone takes pictures in the resolution you specify

The smartphones with operating system Android They have several components that are too confusing for a mobile technology beginner to understand, for example: there is RAM, processor, internal storage, etc., however, most users only give importance to the smartphone camera .

Many sellers lie so that you immediately buy a cell phone without evaluating other options, they can tell you that its camera is 60 megapixels and when taking pictures you notice that the resolution is very low. Would you like to know the exact amount of Mpx that your device’s camera has? It is something that Mag will explain below.

It is necessary to highlight that by default the cameras of the phones do not have their maximum resolution activated, Because? Since all the photos would weigh too many megabytes and would immediately fill up your internal and external storage space, you should only use them on certain occasions.

So you can know how many megapixels your smartphone camera has

  • First, open the native camera of your mobile Android.
  • Now, press the “9:16″ icon or something similar.
  • Several options will be displayed, touch the one that says “48PM” (for example).
  • Done, you have already activated the maximum resolution, your camera will take 48 megapixel photos.
  • If this is not enough, take a photo and open it in the gallery.
  • The next step is to press the three dots to access the “Details”.
  • Here look for the section where “6000×8000” or similar values ​​appear, this is the size of the image.
  • Multiply both amounts and the result will give you 48 million, the first number is the number of Mpx of your camera.

The trick to format a microSD card from your Android mobile

  • Access the “Settings” of your cell phone.
  • Enter the “Storage” or “Battery and device care” section, the name may vary depending on the brand and model of your device
  • .Here click on the option called “Storage”.
  • You will see the percentage of use and the details of the “Internal storage”, move it to the right and now you will be in the “Memory card”.
  • Click on the icon of the three vertical points that are located at the top right.
  • Two options will be displayed, choose “Format”. Wait for the process to finish and turn off your smartphone.
  • Finally, remove the Micro SD, put it back and turn on the equipment (recommended).

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