How to know if there is a hidden camera in a room with your Android phone

Years go by and technology continues to advance, since currently some electronic devices have become portable equipment, such as: computers (laptops); smartphones, headphones, etc. However, the DSLR or digital cameras they also became more compact, as there are now the popular GoPros.

The aforementioned devices are small but they record videos in Full HD, 4K resolution and even have a night mode, however, many people take advantage of their size to illegally hide it in certain places, such as a person’s room, hotels, public bathrooms, etc. ., Would you like to know if someone is recording you without your consent? find out using your cell phone with operating system Android.

Before beginning, it is important to clarify that Not only will you know if they hid and want to record you with a GoPro, it also works with smartphone, SLR and digital cameras. Follow the steps that Depor will explain to you immediately.

So you can detect hidden cameras in a room with your Android mobile

  • The cameras of the phones Android They have a sensor called ToF (Time of Flight), which will help you know if someone is recording you without your permission.
  • Open and enable the main (rear) lens of your cell phone camera, preferably use the maximum resolution.
  • Now, turn off all the lights in the room or the place where you are.
  • Remember that all SLR, compact or mobile cameras emit infrared light when recording.
  • With the smartphone’s camera, pan around the room, if you see a red light on the computer screen, it means that it is possibly a hidden camera.

How to listen to two audios at the same time on your Android phone

  • It’s pretty easy. You just have to open the Galaxy Store application.
  • There you will have to write “SoundAssistant” or you can access this link.
  • If it is not found, you can download the APK.
  • For this we give you the following page.
  • Give all the corresponding permissions to your smartphone.
  • Now open the app and go to the final part where it says “Multiaudio”.
  • Select all the applications, or the ones you prefer, and that’s it.
  • Open your app, it can be Spotify, play a song and at the same time play a YouTube video.
  • As you will be able to listen, the audio will not be cut for anything in the world.

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