How to keep temporary WhatsApp messages: new feature

WhatsApp It has several important options to maintain the privacy of users, such is the case of temporary messagesa feature that prevents third parties from capturing, copying or forwarding the text to other people within the same application.

In that sense, WhatsApp has continued to explore this feature and will now add a new related feature called “Keep in chat” which, according to the same company: “allows you to keep texts that you will need later, with a special superpower for whoever sent the message. We believe that when you send a message, you should choose whether others in the chat can keep it for later.”

Under this premise, now being able to save temporary WhatsApp messages will no longer be impossible; however, it will have some preconditions. Here we explain in detail what this option is about on Android and iOS and how it will work.

How WhatsApp’s “Keep in chat” works

This new function that will come to WhatsApp will allow users to save messages that are deleted after a certain time. That is, every time you receive a temporary text, you can store it in the same chat.

However, the person who sent the message will receive a notification request, so they can decide whether or not to accept that you save the text in the conversation, since the priority is to maintain the privacy of both parties.

It should be noted that once the sender decides to cancel the saving of messages, you will not be able to request it again, since it is considered something definitive. But, if you do accept this option, you can include this text in a new folder called “Preserved messages”.

This section will have a small green marker as a symbol so that you can recognize it immediately. For now, this function does not yet have a release date, but it is believed that it will not take long to arrive.

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