How to install free paid games on your iPhone

Manzana seeks to attract more users to buy paid applications and games in its virtual store App Store for its iOS operating system. However, there are campaigns where some games are available for free only for a limited time. Take this opportunity to get some of these interesting titles that we have collected and provided you with the corresponding links.

Unlike the free offers of Google play in Androidthe promotions of the App Store of Manzana they are more difficult to predict, because the company does not specify how long you will have access to the discount.

If you find an app interesting, but can’t really use it right now, we recommend installing it anyway and then removing it from your computer. This way, the app becomes part of the app library and you can reinstall it for free.

APPLE | Free paid games on iOS

  • Talking Typer (3.9 stars / $4.99 ): Do you want to improve your writing skills? This game ensures you improve over time with faster and more challenging words thrown your way.
  • Zombie Survival Shooter Game (4.3 stars / $9.99 ): Almost everyone near and dear to you is dead, or more likely, the walking dead. It’s up to you to kill them all in your quest to survive.
  • Tigers & Goats (5.0 stars / $0.99 ): another old game that has been digitized, where you play as a goat that will try to catch the tigers, while the tiger tries to eat all the goats on board.
  • Card Hog (4.6 stars / $1.99 ): I loved the name of this app. You move around the board and try to outwit the others, gaining new weapons and items along the way to help you out.
  • Wedgie Go (3.8 stars / $39.99 ): Underwear can be a fun thing, you’ve just bought a new pair and treat yourself to a bit of a run, only to find that your briefs are getting in the way. A totally hilarious endless runner.
  • Block Brain Game (4.8 stars / $2.99 ): This is a brain teaser that will certainly make you think carefully where all these blocks go.

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