How to download MB WhatsApp 9.64

MB Whatsapp is a modified version of the instant messaging application WhatsApp. This version is created by independent developers and offers additional features that are not available in the original version of WhatsAppsuch as the ability to hide the online connection, customize themes, increase the size of media files that can be sent, and many other features. Currently, the MB WhatsApp 9.64 version is available and here we will tell you how to install it.

It should be noted that the use of modified applications of WhatsApp violates the app’s terms of service and may compromise the security of personal information and data. As MB WhatsApp It is an alternate version, it cannot be updated through the app store automatically, as the update must be downloaded and installed manually.

How to update MB WhatsApp

  • Download the latest version of MB WhatsApp from a trusted website. You can do the process from these links fouadiOS, MemuDownload, Teknepolis and mbapps.
  • Before installing the new version, it is necessary to make a backup copy of the existing chats in the application so as not to lose the information.
  • Uninstall the old version of MB WhatsApp.
  • Install the new version downloaded previously.
  • By opening the app, the previously made backup can be restored and the desired options can be set.

Remember that since it is not an official version, there may be security risks, since developers can include malicious code in the application. It is recommended to use the official version of WhatsApp to guarantee the security and correct functioning of the platform.

WHATSAPP | How to know if your account is open on another device

  • Opens WhatsApp on your mobile phone and go to the “Settings” or “Configuration” section.
  • Select the option “WhatsApp Web” or “Linked devices” (depending on the version of WhatsApp you have).
  • If there are any devices linked to your account, you’ll see them listed. If there is no device, it means that you do not have any session open on another device.
  • If you see a paired device that you don’t recognize or use, you can sign out of that device by selecting it and pressing the “Sign Out” option.

It is important to note that if someone has physical access to your mobile phone, they could open a session WhatsApp Web without your consent, so it is recommended to protect your mobile phone with a password or unlock pattern.

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