How to customize the Samsung Galaxy S23 home screen with One UI 5.1

Customizing your smartphone is even easier with the latest version of the operating system from samsung, One UI 5.1. The Galaxy S23 series comes with this new software update installed, allowing you to set the screen saver to display useful information such as the time in different time zones, your daily appointments list, or even a custom image.

Setting up your smartphone’s screen saver to display the information you need is quick and easy, and only requires a few steps. This function is automatically activated when the device is charged or in screen off mode, which means that you will be able to access the relevant information at any time. Find out how to customize this feature on your device below. samsung.

How to customize the home screen

  • To get started, open your smartphone’s Settings and select “Display”. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Screen Saver”.
  • You can choose between colors, photos, frame or photo table. The first one will show you a show of different colors, as shown below.
  • The second, Photos, allows you to choose images from a specific gallery or album, such as Camera or Quick Share, which will appear full screen on your Galaxy S23. Just click on the settings symbol next to it.
  • If you select an image frame, the difference occurs in the display mode of the photos which, this time, appear in their original size, vertically, horizontally or even square, with a black frame around them.
  • Finally, the image table is the option that presents a set of photos at a time, in a collage style. Here, you can even rearrange the photos on the screen in the positions you prefer.
  • Another option is to configure the “Always On Display”, which displays a clock and notifications when the smartphone is not in use, even when it is disconnected from the charger. To do this, go back to the settings and, a little below the “Screen” option, you will find “Lock screen”.
  • Click “Always On Display”, turn on the feature, then select the one you like best for the clock display and notifications. You can choose between these options:
  • Click on “Clock Style” and customize your display. You can choose to display more than one time zone, specific formats, and different colors.
  • If you select “Picture Clock”, many more fun options will appear for you. Here you can choose between stickers, AR emoji (an emoji of yourself), or bitmoji, which offers stickers with your custom emoji highlighted.
  • Then we have options for photos from your gallery or even themes purchased from the Galaxy Themes store.
  • All facets and customizations appear just below the clock, depending on the display mode you select:

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