Free paid games on Android that you can download this weekend

There are options to turn your mobile device into a more advanced phone, such as paid applications that offer higher quality for money. However, not everyone has the ability to invest in it, but there are promotions available in the application store of Android that you could take advantage of to acquire paid applications for free.

If you find something interesting in the list below but you know you won’t be using the app right now, install the app anyway, then delete it from your device. Android. In this way, the application becomes part of the application library and you can reinstall it for free when you need it. A good way not to miss a short promotion.

ANDROID | Free paid games on Google Play Store

  • Bagatur Chess Engine (4.4 stars / $3.49 ): a chess set with 16 levels of strength, making it powerful enough to defeat a grandmaster. Do you dare to assume it?
  • Gravity Force (4.6 stars / $1.49 ): Learn about gravity in this fun game where larger objects have a stronger force of attraction.
  • Live or Die Survival Pro (4.4 stars / $0.99 ): Can you keep your wits about you to survive in this zombie apocalypse environment?
  • Monster Killer Pro (3.7 stars / $0.99 ): a top-down perspective of an offline shooter that indulges in alternate reality and fantasy settings.
  • Merge Cafe (4.3 stars / $4.99 ): He just wants his town to thrive, and what better way to do that than to create a cafe that serves up treats?
  • Zombie Age 3 Premium (4.5 stars / $0.99 ): It’s the zombie apocalypse as you engage in this side-scrolling shooter in a race for survival against hordes of the undead.
  • Summoners Era (4.3 stars / $0.99 ): How will you shape your team to ensure that it is capable of beating the others?
  • oO (4.7 stars / $0.99 ): A minimalist dodge ’em up/endless runner game where your little circle becomes a stunt star.

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