Find out what to check before buying a used Android phone

On the internet you can see a large number of people who publish their mobile devices used, either because they are going to renew a new one, or they simply did not get used to the brand and model, however, in the description of the product for sale, apart from its characteristics and specifications, the owner indicates that the equipment is In a 9.5 out of 10 condition, a rating that is added for the simple fact of having taken it out of its box.

It is likely that you have seen high-end cell phones on the internet, in a 9.5 out of 10 condition and at a good price, therefore, many do not hesitate and decide to buy it immediately without knowing that suddenly it would be a great scam, since the equipment It may look brand new on the outside, but on the inside it would be very worn and even damaged.

On this occasion, from Depor we will teach you an important trick that will be very useful when you go to buy a second-hand smartphone, since you are going to check if the RGB of the screen does not have dead pixels, if the speakers are in good condition, if the touch or tactile works correctly, etc.

How to know if a used cell phone is in good condition

  • First, open the native calling app on your phone Android.
  • Now, dial “*#0*#”, without the quotes of course, and now press the “Call” icon.
  • A screen with 15 options will be displayed.
  1. Red, green, blue (RGB), press each one and check for dead pixels, how do you identify them? if there are black dots.
  2. Receiver.
  3. Vibration.
  4. Mega Cam, check if the main camera of the team has no faults.
  5. Front cam, check if the front camera of the equipment has no faults.
  6. gripsensor.
  7. Sensor.
  8. Touch, to see if the touch works correctly.
  9. Speaker (speakers).
  10. Subkey.
  11. Black.
  12. Loopback
  13. Version.

What do the letters “CE” on the back of your Android phone mean?

  • This engraving, which is located right next to the brand name of your cell phone, hides something quite important.
  • The letters “CE” stand for European Conformity.
  • This means that if your cell phone has those letters they also comply with the standards of the European Union.
  • This means that if your Android device has the letters, it can claim or respond to cases such as terminal explosions, fires, among others.
  • On the other hand, if your cell phone does not have the “CE” certification, in case something happens to you, the company will not be able to answer if the event or accident occurred in Europe.
  • Another detail that you should know is that if the letters “CE” are separated, it corresponds to Conformité Européene. While if they are too close, it means China Export.

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