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International Book Day is celebrated on April 23 with the aim of emphasizing and promoting the relevance of reading for all ages. Reading has multiple benefits, such as strengthening ties between people, expanding knowledge in various fields and stimulating the creativity of each reader. Technology has made readers have more alternatives such as the applications of Android that allow you to view or download books in digital format.

If you are looking for something special to read more comfortably on your phone AndroidItalo Zolezzi, Marketing Manager of ZTE Peru, shared five applications to download and read books online.

ANDROID | mobile reading apps

wattpad It is a platform with a different narrative, that is, it can be read and written. Currently, the app has more than 10 million stories and books to enjoy for free. You can find different literary genres such as thrillers, science fiction, romance, fanfiction, adventure, among others.

Google Play Books: this application is factory installed on many devices Android. There are other aspects that represent a competitive advantage, such as allowing you to adjust the size and color of the font, a dictionary in case you don’t know a meaning, downloading free books and incorporating an automatic translation. Lastly, it has a store where you can find the most recent releases at great discounts.

ebox is a tool that allows you to have another level of customization to enhance reading hours. It offers a library with free books with the option to import and have them saved on the smartphone.

worldreader: The app has a wide portfolio of free books of different genres from sports to children’s. The catalog is diverse in older novels and has a dedicated space for recent books. On the other hand, the vast majority of copies are in English, helping to practice this language in a skillful and creative way.

Amazon Kindle: the possibility of customizing the font size, color or generating annotations result in an attractive experience for the most versatile readers. For this reason, Kindle brings together this layer of personalization in an app that allows you to purchase books from the company or those that include an Amazon Reading or Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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