Cyber ​​Wow: tips for making safe purchases on the Internet

Various events have been held such as cyber wow to promote electronic commerce in recent years. On this date, many brands offer their best deals to users through digital platforms. However, it is essential to be aware of security measures to avoid potential scams when making online purchases during events like this.

The experts of Free market They provided recommendations so that users can shop safely and reliably on their platform. These security measures include checking the seller’s reputation, reviewing the detailed product description, and reading comments from previous buyers. In addition, it is recommended to avoid making payments outside the platform and use secure payment methods. With these precautions, users can enjoy a safe and efficient shopping experience at events like cyber wow.

CYBER WOW | How to make safe purchases

All transactions must be made within the official platform: At no time during the purchase process should another means or channel be used to complete the transaction. It is important to emphasize that the process must start and end within the platform so that, in the event of an unfavorable situation, the company can take charge.

Do not share personal information: when the process is carried out within the platform, it will not be necessary to provide additional contact information. In the event that a seller shares their personal data with potential buyers and takes the transaction off the platform, they would be in breach of the Terms and Conditions. In addition, it should be noted that the personal data of the users are not public nor do they appear on the platform under any circumstances, since strict privacy policies are managed.

All communication is done through official channels: try to do the whole process in the only official communication channels of the company where you buy your products. Keep in mind that communications by other means are usually irregular unless the company expresses its intention to make this type of contact.

Evaluate the seller’s reputation: Various indicators can be viewed on the platform, for example, the number of years the seller has been on the site, the quality of service, the delivery time of the products and additional information that is important to consider before deciding to purchase.

Read all the information: It is important that, before making any purchase or sale of products, all the information that is available to users on the platform is read; from making sure the domain of the page is correct, to reading the terms and conditions of payment methods, delivery and any other details of the transaction.

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