Android: why my phone does not recognize the SIM card

In the world of smartphones each one differs not only because of its cameras, but also because of the battery, design, color and even 5G. However, sometimes we usually place the NanoSIM on our cell phone, but we cannot make calls, send messages, connect to WhatsApp, etc. Because?

In certain cases it turns out that the SIM is not recognized by our mobile device. This is due to several factors including various details. Do you want to fix it yourself and avoid going to the technician or your operator?

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Remember that these steps are the simplest you will ever do. It is not necessary that you have to disassemble your smartphone to achieve this, otherwise you may lose the warranty of your equipment.

Why does my cell phone not recognize the SIM?

  • wrong setting: Many times this usually happens. Sometimes we don’t close the tray properly to put the NanoSIM in and, despite the fact that we think it’s fine, it tends to be a bit out of place. Press and go.
  • Restart your smartphone: In case you have done the first tip, you can also restart your phone so that it detects the signal in your terminal.
  • Turn off airplane mode: When we remove the SIM card, our mobile can be put into “airplane mode”. All you have to do is download the menu of your smartphone and deactivate it.
  • Clean it carefully: Another detail is cleaning the chip. In general, the golden part tends to get dirty from our fingerprints and that means that it is not read normally by our cell phone.
  • Reset settings: To do this we just have to restart the network settings patterns. We will go to Systems, then Recovery Options and there we press Reset mobile network settings.

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