Android: The steps to talk to a PDF file on your phone

In recent months, the artificial intelligence (IA) continues to be a subject that is widely touched by the different technological platforms, the media and social networks. What is it and what is it for? Basically, it is a computer tool that seeks to simulate human intelligence in a computer or software (programs and applications).

ChatGPT is one of the most popular programs that were developed with AI, in short, it is a chat system where you can ask questions and get answers in a matter of seconds, because it has more than 175 million parameters, it means that They included large amounts of text. Now, a similar platform called “PDF Chat”, this software is capable of creating summaries, talking to you about a specific topic related to the information in the file, translating the data into another language and answering questions.

Before beginning, it is important to note that “Chat PDF” is a free service, but with certain limitations, they are the following: it only allows you to work with files that weigh less than 10 megabytes; the document must have a maximum of 120 pages; you can only upload three PDFs a day; and has a limit of 50 questions. Remember that if you want to opt for the premium version, which does not have the aforementioned restrictions, you will only pay five euros per month.

The Guide to Talking to a PDF Document on Your Android Phone

  • First, from your mobile Android and with the browser of your choice enter the page “PDF Chat”, you can quickly access by clicking here.
  • We recommend “Login” to save your chat history and export it.
  • The main interface of the aforementioned platform is very easy to understand, it even tells you for whom it would be very useful.
  • Now at the top there is a box that says “Drop PDF here”. Tap on the left side “Browse on my computer” or on the right side “Search PDF with URL”.
  • A “GPT Chat” style page will automatically open where you can interact with your PDF thanks to artificial intelligence.
  • Ask any question in the box below that says “Ask a question”, for example: “Where is a specific topic found?”.
  • It is also possible to order it to summarize the file and even to translate a page into another language.

So you can detect hidden cameras in a room with your Android mobile

  • The cameras of the phones Android They have a sensor called ToF (Time of Flight), which will help you know if someone is recording you without your permission.
  • Open and enable the main (rear) lens of your cell phone camera, preferably use the maximum resolution.
  • Turn off all the lights in the room or the place where you are.
  • Remember that all SLR, compact or mobile cameras emit infrared light when recording.
  • With the smartphone’s camera, pan around the room, if you see a red light on the computer screen, it means that it is possibly a hidden camera.

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