Android: Learn how to duplicate the “take photos” button on your phone’s camera

The camera that comes installed by default on your mobile device is unique, why? Because if you download third-party apps via Google Play Store, such as: Candy Camera, B612, Sweet Selfie, etc., you won’t get the same results when taking photo or recording video.

Why is this happening? simple, because the main camera, specifically the rear one, allows you to capture snapshots at full resolution 48MP, 64MP, 108MP, likewise, it is possible to record videos in FHD or 4K format, depending on the range of the smartphone; On the other hand, with the applications you do not have access to these features, although they do provide you with additional functions such as the popular filters that beautify the face or the basic and advanced editing tools.

Before beginning, it is necessary to highlight that this trick is only compatible with some mobile models of the Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, etc. brand, in addition, they must have the Android 10 operating system or higher versions.

So you can duplicate the “take photos” button on your phone’s camera

  • First, enter the native camera of your smartphone Android.
  • Now, click on the tab called “Image” (if you are in another).
  • The next step is to gently press the shutter and quickly swipe up.
  • The movement has to be simultaneous.
  • The button will be duplicated and you can move it anywhere on the screen.
  • It is undoubtedly a very effective solution for people who have very large screens and find it difficult to take photos or selfies.

Learn what happens when you charge your phone with a “non-original” charger

  • You will notice that after connecting your smartphone Android it will not charge quickly and will stay at the same percentage for several minutes.
  • For it to load normally you would have to turn off the equipment.
  • The screen of your cell phone will turn on at all times because you will receive the following notification 24 hours a day: “USB connector disconnected”.
  • It won’t stop appearing, which also causes excessive battery drain.
  • It is as if they were connecting and disconnecting the charger.
  • That is not the worst, since the warning will continue to appear even if you have formatted the device. In simple words there is no solution.
  • It is estimated that it is a software misconfiguration or that the USB-C port is damaged by the “non-original” charger.

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