Android: How to make your browser the default and which ones are the best on the Internet

Tired of always using the same browser on your phone? Android? Mobile devices typically come with two pre-installed browser options: Google Chrome and the phone manufacturer’s default browser. However, there is no need to be limited to these two options for a lifetime as there are numerous programs available on Google Play with just a couple of clicks. And best of all, they are free.

You may think that all Internet browsers operate the same: they only serve to search for pages and download. The reality is not so simple: there are special functions that you can find in one browser and not in another; In addition, the browser’s programming is key so that it does not spend too much resources (cof cof, Google Chrome).

The best browsers for Android in 2023

Let’s start with our suggestions with Firefox, one of the few browsers on Android with a custom rendering engine. The system offers limited extensions, improved scrolling, and an address bar at the bottom. You can sync the app with your PC’s browser and it is able to block tracking scripts by default.

Google Chrome It deserves to be on the list for its usability. You can switch tabs by swiping left and right on the address bar, force websites to be dark when your phone is in dark mode, and more.

If you want to go off on a tangent, you have to download DuckDuckGo to block tracking scripts by default and includes a privacy rating with a complete list of all blocked trackers; You can also disable cookies from your favorite sites. We can say that DuckDuckGo stands out for presenting the information in a transparent way compared to the competition.

vivaldi is an interesting option for its bottom panel to perform key functions without reaching the top of the screen, an Opera-style “Speed ​​Dial” page when you open a new tab, an optional always-on desktop mode, and an optional blocker for tracking scripts. The browser also has colorful themes that you can style or choose.

brave It has billed itself as the privacy-first browser that blocks Internet tracking and allows anonymous browsing via a native Tor connection, being the first to support the decentralized IPFS HTTPS alternative.

You can not miss samsung internet with its fully customized interface that adapts to the One UI design language. It stands out for tracking protection, a limited selection of plug-ins, and a paired button layout that looks better on taller phones.

How to change the default browser on your Android

The telephones Android they almost always make the default browsers the default, just like Microsoft Edge on Windows computers. However, you can manage the permissions to choose the browser you want.

You must first go to settings of your mobile and click on Applications. According to your cell phone settings, it should appear default apps at a glance or as a dropdown option.

There you will see the list of applications that you can set as default. Look for the option dedicated to Internet browsing and choose the browser you like.

There is also the option to do the process automatically by entering your favorite browser and clicking on the message to make it the default browser. It almost always appears when you open the browser for the first time.

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