5 WhatsApp changes that surprised at the beginning of 2023

Meta intensified the development of WhatsApp in the last months of 2022, implementing significant changes in the groups, such as the incorporation of Communities and surveys, highly useful tools today. By 2023, many anticipated a slowdown in development, but quite the opposite has occurred.

In the first days of the year, Meta enabled these five elements that will eventually change the way we interact with WhatsApp. Let’s remember that other changes are still in the testing stage in the beta application.

Five changes to WhatsApp that arrived in 2023

Text or SMS verification: In mid-January, the application added the option to verify the identity of users to log in on other devices through the codes sent to the cell phone mailbox.

Voice notes in the states: Status updates have become a popular tool for sharing information. Now it is possible to add a voice message so that it can be heard by your contacts and it will disappear 24 hours later.

Better description of the groups: Groups can add longer descriptions, from 512 to 2048 characters. The option to add longer titles to groups was also enabled. This change is very important for the administration of communities.

Greater power for group admins: Those who are in charge of making the decisions of the groups or the creators of the same, now have in their hands the ability to decide if a person enters a group or not.

online payments: Despite the fact that it has only been enabled in Brazil, WhatsApp has taken its first step to become a superapp or super application. In the future, users will be able to access their favorite stores through the app and make transactions right there.

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