5 Android applications to connect with your feline friend

Although feline friends find the perfect entertainment in cardboard boxes and pieces of plastic, we can also use technology to spend time with them. In the following note we share some apps from Google play of Android to improve our relationship with house cats.

Some of these apps are aimed at entertaining pets, while others allow health monitoring or perhaps relaxation tools. Please note that if you are using a tablet, you should use a screen protector to prevent scratches.

5 apps for cats

  • Cat Alone – Cat Toy: is an interactive game that entertains your cat through visual and sound stimuli. The app offers six different game modes, including a flying butterfly, a laser pointer, and a moving feather. It is perfect to keep your pet active and stimulated.
  • Friskies CatFishing 2: Developed by the pet food brand Friskies, CatFishing 2 is another interactive game that will capture your cat’s attention. With colorful fish moving across the screen, the goal is for your cat to catch as many as possible. Plus, the app keeps track of your cat’s score so you can compare your cat’s performance over time.
  • 11pets: Take care of your pet: is a monitoring and care application that helps you keep track of your cat’s well-being. The app allows you to store information about your cat’s health, vaccinations, visits to the vet and medical treatments. You can also set reminders for important appointments and keep track of your pet’s progress.
  • Pet First Aid: American Red Cross: This app, developed by the American Red Cross, is an essential tool for any pet owner. Pet First Aid offers first aid information and advice for cats, including what to do in cases of poisoning, injury or illness. The app also has how-to videos and a feature to locate nearby vet clinics.
  • Relax My Cat: Relaxing Music: an application that offers relaxing music and sounds specially designed to calm and reduce stress in cats. The app includes a variety of cues that can help your pet sleep, adjust to a new environment, or feel calmer during car rides.

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