5 advanced WhatsApp tricks to surprise your friends

WhatsApp It allows users to share text messages, photos, videos, links, create group video calls, and even add voice messages to statuses. As expected, there are other hidden tools that few know about, since they are some changes to the operation of little impact, but high impression.

Next, we will reveal 10 advanced WhatsApp tricks that you may not have known about. These tips will allow you to make use of hidden features and improve your skills in the application and optimize your communication.

5 advanced WhatsApp tricks

Add text format to WhatsApp messages: did you know that it is possible to add text formatting in the application? Your friends will be surprised when you send them messages crossed out or italicized. You will only have to use the following codes.

Bold: *text*

italics: _text_

Strikethrough: ~text~

Reply via private messages in groups: If you don’t want to leave a message for everyone in a group, you can choose to send a private one. Press and hold a contact’s name within a group to bring up the options menu. There, you must click on the “respond privately” button to open a chat only between you and that person.

Mark messages as unreads: in the list of all chats, you can long press any of them to bring up another menu. You can select “mark as unread” to return the alert to the chat.

Change the wallpaper and alert of a chat: WhatsApp also allows you to have a personalized tone in each of the chats. Enter a conversation, go to the contact’s name at the top, and go to “custom notifications” or “wallpaper and sound”.

Send messages without appearing online or connected: Activate airplane mode on your device before opening WhatsApp. Send your message, then close the app. Turn off airplane mode and the message will be sent without showing your online status.

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